NDC Vows to retain Korle Klottey seat

The newly elected executive members of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) in the Korle Klottey Constituency of the Greater Accra Region have mapped out strategies that will help them win the trust and soul of floating voters and grassroots supporters so as to retain the parliamentary seat in 2020 general election.

The Korle Klottey Constituency Chairman of the party, Mr Leeford Kpakpo Quarshie, who spoke to a cross-section of the media during a thanksgiving get-together in Accra, indicated that he and his team were well prepared to embark on massive membership drive ahead of the 2020 election.

Mr Quarshie said he has confidence in the membership of the leadership of the NDC and that the executives will leave no stone unturned in ensuring that majority of the people are brought to the NDC for victory in the 2020 showdown.

He said the people of Ghana have now realised they have made a great mistake by voting for the New Patriotic Party (NPP) and that the time has come for the NDC to brace itself and assume the mantle of the country’s leadership so as to rebuild Ghana for the better.

The Korle Klottey chairman of the NDC indicated that the untold hardships that the NPP has brought upon the people of Ghana have become so unbearable that there was a huge cry for the NDC to come back.

He enumerated that the party will work in unity of purpose towards achieving a single goal, which is winning the 2020 election.

To this end, he called on all to support the executives and encourage them to be able to deliver the best.

According to Mr Quarshie, the get-together was to express gratitude to all the delegates who voted during the recent party congress. He said delegates spent time to stay throughout the voting process, noting that it was right for the executives to show appreciation.

The occasion was also used to unite both the winning executives and the losers, bringing them under one umbrella and to share ideas on how to spearhead the agenda 2020 strategies, adding that the elephant must go back to the bush.



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