NDC is up to mischief… to destroy gov’t- Majority group in Parliament

The Deputy leader of the majority group in parliament, Mr Alexander Afenyo-Markin has intimated that the National Democratic Congress (NDC) Members of Ghana’s Parliament are up to some mischief to frustrate government business.


According to him looking at some ultrannces, commentaries and posts made by some NDC MPs on their social media platforms points to one direction that they (NDC Members) has sinister agenda to obstructe government business.


Addressing the media in Accra, Mr Afenyo Markin told journalists that every action taken by our colleagues on the other side have shown that they are on obstruction course.


“They are playing an ambushing game that is we (NPP) either give in to their demands or they obstructe or frustrate government business” – Mr Afenyo-Markin noted.


The Deputy leader who also doubles as the Member of Parliament (MP) for Effutu constituency in the Central Region wants the NPP side of the house to be recognized by the NDC and Speaker of Parliament as Majority Caucus.


The Effutu lawmaker maintained that, the 137 Parliamentary seats of NPP and the independent MP for Fomena together  forms the majority in numerical strength and therefore expect to be recognize and be address as Majority caucus.


The deputy majority group leader further explain that, the records of 7th January, 2009 has proven that, the NDC MPs then could not attain the required 116 membership to form the majority until other three parties added their support to get the required 116 before attaining the majority status, yet the NDC were still recognize by the them NPP MPs as Majority caucus.



Story: Franklin ASARE-DONKOH





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