NDC exposes Nat’l Peace Council’s hidden agenda….. Refuses to sign vigilantism code of conduct

National Democratic Congress (NDC) yesterday refuses to sign a document titled “Vigilantism Code of Conduct” presented before them by the National Peace Council (NPC).  

The NPC presented what it believed to be the final roadmap and code of conduct for the eradication of political vigilantism and as part of the structure; both NDC and NPP were supposed to pen down their signatures as a means of agreement.

But what was expected to be the final vigilante dialogue meeting between the two main political parties certainly wasn’t, as the NDC failed to play gallery in signing the so called roadmap document.

Some big party gurus in NDC in a conversation with Todaygh.com, after yesterday’s abortive signing ceremony, were the opinion that the National Peace Council has not been fair in their adjudications.

According to a member of the party, the Nana Addo led administration has packed its militias in all the state security agencies but the NPC has put a ‘blind eye and deaf ears’ as if nothing has happened so how do they expect us to append our signature to this document. The member enquired.

The NPC we believe is using this roadmap and code of conduct for the eradication of political vigilantism document to entrap us so that when the NPP and Nana Addo unleash their “dogs” in the security services on us, we will have no defense. No way, we will not agree to anything till there is a fair play ground for everybody in this country. Other than that they should forget it. The member warned.

“We are all witnesses to the AWW incident where party militia clothed in police uniforms came to brutalized innocent people and the NPC has said or did anything about it. So how can anyone trust them? Another member added.

Meanwhile Mr. Alex Segbefia who led the NDC delegation made it clear to NPC members at meeting that the signing ceremony was premature.

According to him the parties involve have not exhausted all the possible issues that are required to have a meaningful document.

“We are again expected to be joined by senior members of this party who were going to sign if it were necessary. As you know we are involved in a very serious national exercise. We are going round and trooping in the streets of Accra informing everybody about our problems with the E Electoral Commission (EC). The chairman and general secretary had to lead that course. None of us here has the particular authority to sign that document,” Mr. Segbefia explained.

Mr. Segbefia who spoke on behalf of the NDC unequivocally stated that they (NDC) cannot sign the document because other stakeholders, including the EC, government, Civil Service Organisations (CSOs), and National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE) have not been made signatories to the said document

He further explained that a carefully look at the roadmap, has 22 recommendations. Four (4) of those belong to political parties. 18 belongs to others namely the government, NCCE, EC, CSOs, etc. None of these are signatories to these documents.

“We cannot be seen to be signing a document where other parties who play a part do not sign” Mr. Segbefia reiterated.


Story: Franklin ASARE-DONKOH

Writer’s email: franklinadonkoh@gmail.com

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