The Executive Secretary of Anchoring Democracy Advocacy Movement Ghana (ADAM-GH) Mr Azubila Salam Emmanuel on his Facebook wall said Justice Anin Yeboah and the six other judges can not give any fair judgement on 4th of March 2021.

NDC he said could have find justice for Ghanaians by dragging Jean Mensah to Otumfuor Palace or in the worse situation dragg her to the New Patriotic Party (NPP) National headquarters than going to Justice Anin Yeboah Supreme court, who’s ruling so far does not reflect simple logic or the interest of justice.

According to him, at least the Chairman of NPP would have ask Jean Mensah to explain her side of the story regarding her declaration for Ghanaians to know which of her results is authentic.

“As it stands now when our children are writing their BECE and a question is asked about the total number of votes Nana Addo won over Mahama in 2020 I have no doubt all the children will fail” he noted.

He said though NPP Chairman Freddy Blay would have been abit bias but their final judgement could have make sense than this Justice Anin SC senseless rulings.

“Big shame to the future of our country this SC need complete overhaul in future in order to restore public confidence in our judiciary in order to protect our Democracy” he added.

He said as a Ghanaian he would have been so embarrassed if any of these ‘unanimous FC’ judges happen to relate to me. No reasonable person can ever think that these judges are serving the interest of Ghanaians.

“As a leader of a civil society organization, I think very bad precedence has been set against our cherished Democracy through these so called independent institutions such as EC, Ghana Army, Police and SC” he noted.

According to him, he is in pains as a Ghanaian how these ‘unanimous FC judges’ hate our cherished Democracy so much adding that even the most stupid person on this planet can not be convinced that these judges are independent and are serving the interest of the general public.

“Thank God their children and family members are Ghanaians they shall reap these negative precedence set by their parents, we are all in it together” he lament.

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