The Caucus for Democratic Governance, Ghana (CDG-GH) after 32 months of careful research, observations and comparative analysis, seeks to conclude, that Nana Addo is presiding over a failed presidency. A presidency that can be characterized as failure
He is presiding over ;
1. A Government that cannot identify itself with the people because the people live in fear.
2. A Government that cannot guarantee the security of the people
3. A Government that is affiliated to the Judiciary, the Police and the Electoral Commission, with symbiotic effect, meant to manipulate and twist the system.
4. A Government that is generally described as the most corrupt in the history of Ghana.
5. A Government of economic mess; manipulating economic figures that are being exposed by the rising dollar rate and high National debt.
6. A Government causing thousands of job losses and unemployment, with little or no attempt to create new jobs.

Vigilante groups harassing people must be strongly condemned. However vigilante groups posing as Police officers, driving police pickups and shooting to prevent voters from voting in Ayawaso Wuogon bye-election is criminal and can only happen in Nana Addo`s Government. A Government that seeks to build its own militia in Osu Castle to harass and kill those who voted them into power, cannot and should not identify itself with the people.
A Government that silences the media, by arresting and torturing some of them, cannot be a Government of the people. A Government that looks on helpless, when young girls are abducted; when six police officers are shot in one week; when people are recklessly killed; when dissolved Banks refuse to pay deposits and savings of customers, cannot and should not be trusted.

Creating of jobs for the people has been one of the difficulties of this Government. 32 months down the lane, only limited number of jobs have been created. Nation Builders Corps (NABCO) employed 100,000 unemployed graduates who have been demonstrating because they are not being paid. Jobs created in the Agricultural sector are mostly casual jobs lasting a few hours to a few months or highest a few years. Of late some nurses were employed making jobs created under Nana Addo about 190,000. This is far less compared to the 2.5 to 4 million jobs created through the massive infrastructural projects of former President Mahama.
The strategy of former President Mahama is easy to understand. Massive projects like Airports, universities and hospitals, take three or more years to complete. At the end of the projects, the projects employ workers. For example, the newly built Universities take in students, employ lecturers, administrators, labourers, cetera and many others. The hospitals employ doctors, nurses administrators and labourers. This is the wisdom of creating jobs and putting money into the pockets of the people and in the system. The markets as well as industry make brisk business

Instead of creating jobs, Nana Addo is killing existing jobs. Nana Addo`s Government`s approach to the crises in the banking sector, has led to serious job losses. The Banking sector reform led to closure of 420 Banks and the loss of about 50,000 jobs. The latest Information on entrenchment comes from National Investment Bank (NIB), where 3,000 workers have been laid off. Between May and August 2018, not less than 10,285 job looses were recorded ( EIB Network and Group Nduom lost 250 jobs; Textile Works lost 235 jobs; BXC Company Limited lost 200 jobs; Rider Steel Company lost 400 jobs; Goldfields Ghana lost 1,500 jobs; Consolidated Bank Ghana lost 1,700 jobs; Vodafone Ghana lost 2,000 jobs and Oil Marketing Company lost 4,000 jobs). Besides about 20,000 people have also lost their jobs indirectly due to 420 financial institutions that were shut down. If the President cannot create Jobs he should not kill the jobs created by former President Mahama
The Government of Akyem mafia is made up of clan and family members. A Government that seeks to rewrite the history of Ghana. A Government that seeks to superimpose Dr J. B. Dankwa above all others, cannot be the mouthpiece of the people. A Government that has aligned itself to the Judiciary, the Police system, the Electoral Commission with the aim to perpetuate itself in power against the will of the people; is presiding over a failed presidency. The presidency is apparently an organized crime agency looting and milking Ghana.
There are about 108 to 200 major high profile corruption cases that has crippled Nana Addo`s Government. In many of the corruption cases he viciously cleared his appointees.
It all started with
1. the digital addressing system, where $2.5 million was given out by the Government to a party friend for a job that would cost not more than one million cedis. The so called investigation was swept under the carpet, and no report came out,
2. the Ameri scandal where a bloated renegotiated agreement was stopped by Parliament,
3. the corrupt scandal by the two Deputy Chief of Staff, whose investigation did not see the light of day,
4. the $100,000 seat by the President scandal. The investigation which the Minority said implicated the President was overruled by the Majority in Parliament in its report,
5. the BOST scandal which led to the loss of 7 million taxpayers money due to contaminated oil,
6. The corrupt scandal of Mr Charles Bissue, a Presidential staffer who was caught on camera receiving bribe to facilitate galamsay operation.
7. The bribe received by Mr Nyantekyie with the President in his pocket seem to have been diluted by powers that be.
8. Corruption scandal by former Managing Director of Maritime University, Mr Kwame Owusu, which led to loss of thousands of tax payers money has been swept under the carpet.
9. The fraudulent agreement that led to the selling of ECG to Power Distribution System (PDS) without due diligence.
10. Award of contracts without Procurement review by the CEO of the National Youth Authority (YNA) leading to the dismissal of Mr Emmanuel Sin-Nyet Asigri, CEO and his two Deputies, Mr Richard Obeng, and Mr Bright Acheampong .
It will not be possible to list all the corruption scandals for time limitation. The above ten are enough to illustrate that Ghana is bleeding.

Rough calculation show that about 9.6 to 12 billion GHc of tax payers money was stolen as a result of corruption, within 32 months. If we quantify the number of schools, the number of district hospitals, the number of CHPS compounds, number of hospital beds, incubators, life saving drugs, rural electrification, good roads and bore holes that could have been built with the 9.6-12 billion; we can conclude that every district would have received these social amenities.

The CDG is convinced that a President who permits corruption is equally corrupt. Corruption, violence, vigilantism, insecurity, inability to create enough jobs, job losses, severe hardship among Ghanaians, wrong approach to the banking reform leading to loss of jobs are all indexes that Nana Addo is not up to task.
In 32 months of Nana Addo`s Government, fuel prices have gone up by 50%. The ripple effect is that prices of foodstuff and goods have gone up, prices of water supply and electricity have gone up. Similarly transport and spare parts prices have also gone up.
Ghanaians are suffering, especially those who have no jobs and the several thousands who have lost their jobs in industry and as a result of the banking reform.
Mr President, it is better to resign than to continue to preside over failed presidency.

Dr E.K.Hayfod
Chief Convener CDG-GH
0277606338 / 0507694343

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