Nana Addo needs Obinim Sticker to cure incompetence – Mahama teases

In a cheeky jab, former President, John Mahama has said the Akufo-Addo administration might need a miracle from the controversial pastor, Daniel Obinim, to overcome its “super incompetence”.

“The incompetence is so bad… the President and his government need an Obinim Sticker. If it really works, they may need an Obinim sticker,” Mr Mahama said at the National Democratic Congress’  Unity Walk at Wa in the Upper West Region.

Though he feels the incumbent New Patriotic Party (NPP) may be digging a ditch for itself ahead of the 2020 elections, Mr Mahama cautioned that the NDC could not rely on the NPP’s failings to secure a victory.

“I must say that we must do hard work. You do not win an election on the weakness of your opponent. You win an election because the electorate has confidence in you to give power to you and so although the NPP has proven to be super incompetent, we cannot sit down and relax and say because of their super incompetence we are going to win the election,” he said.

Watch your words

Addressing the gathering, the former President also asked party members to be decorous in their political discourse ahead of the internal party elections, saying “all of us in this party are family members. Let us be cautious about the words that come out of our mouths.”

“Let them be positive even if we have political opponents, and I am not talking about people only within our party but outside our party. Let us talk about the personal ideas and not insults.”

He further cautioned party members against “insulting” founder of the NDC, Jerry John Rawlings, who has been very critical of the party.

“I want to talk about our Founder. You might not like something he says or an action he is taking.You might disagree with his views but do not insult his person.”


Source: citinewsroom

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