NADMO rescues Wa flood victims

About 1,500 people in 12 zones of the Upper West Region, yesterday received relief items from the National Disaster Management Organisation (NADMO) after last Friday’s heavy rains in the capital, Wa, affected them.
The four-hour torrential rain flooded major parts of Wa and its surroundings, displacing 1,500 people and 118 households and destroying property.

According to the Regional NADMO Coordinator, Isaac Seidu, a number of water bodies including wells, have been contaminated in the process and farmlands submerged.

According to him, NADMO began distribution of relief items yesterday to affected individuals and towns.

“The number of people actually affected is about 1,500 and the number of households is 118. We also counted 33 wells in the area. Their foodstuffs were also affected and other belongings, so, NADMO, in collaboration with RCC, will be sending some relief items including foodstuffs to the affected victims”, he added.




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