‘My Cars, Houses Couldn’t Save Me’


Rev Francisca Duncan-Williams has shared a testimony of how God saved her from death.


The ex-wife of Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams has revealed how God gave her another chance to live due to her relationship with Him.


Mama Francisca said in an interview that her cars, houses, friends and wealth couldn’t save her from her sick bed in 2016 until God intervened.


She reminisced her prayers to God about a church she has just started for Him and needed to be alive to continue her work for the Kingdom.


According to her, material things were vanity and people have to strengthen their relationship with God.


Mama Francisca emphasised that it was important for people to build a relationship with God so that they can call on Him in times of troubles as they aspire to acquire material things.


She made this revelation during her 60th birthday celebration.

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