We must do more to fight corruption

THERE is no gainsaying  the  fact that corruption has become the bane of our economy. Every government promises to tackle it but achieves very little success.

WE say so because since the Fourth Republic, no government has been able to prosecute a single act of malfeasance or corruption as captured in the Auditor-General’s Report.

IT has always been a litany of excuses or reasons why monies are misapplied or misappropriated when public officials, including Ministers of State, appear before the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) of Parliament.

THESE officials sometimes are bold enough  to tell Ghanaians why they could not account for  state funds meant for projects.

WE are always worried when reports of wanton loot of state resources are made public without the government taking steps to retrieve and prosecute the offenders.

ALTHOUGH we all talk about the harm corruption is causing the economy of the country, there is lack of political will to deal with it.

WHAT we have observed is that in Ghana, corruption is not a high-risk venture. It is the easiest way by which public officials amass wealth and stash same in private bank accounts across the globe.

THE sad part of this is that while individuals steal state money for their personal gain, majority of the people are poor and can hardly afford any good thing in life.

PRESENTLY   many of our youth are unemployed, although they have degrees from the universities and other institutions such as the nursing schools and the colleges of education.

OUR   Constitution states very clearly that when it comes to the resources of the country, it is Parliament that holds the purse string of the government, yet when public officials appear before the PAC, a very powerful committee of the Legislature, nothing concrete comes out of its efforts. It is like an organised waste of time.

WE expect Parliament to carry its oversight responsibility over the government more seriously.


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