My mum says I was her “ugliest child” – Otabil

Pastor Mensa Otabil has revealed that his mother described him as her ugliest child when they were young.

Teaching his congregation about the Power of Words and how God uses words to bring things into being irrespective of the supposed reality of those things, how the God can use, the founder of International Central Gospel Church (ICGC) said on Sunday, 29 April that: “I’ve seen people who couldn’t spell, people with ugly heads, double-heads that everybody laughed at, look at them, the whole world is hailing them and clapping for them”.

Using himself as an example, he narrated: “My mother used to say I was very ugly when I was young, she used to tell me. She said: ‘Of all my children, you were the ugliest’.

“She used to tell me that. I don’t know whether it was a joke or she was serious but she used to tell me that. She used to say when she carried me on her back – she used to sell around – and she’ll say: ‘When I carry you on my back and people ask me’: ‘Is that your child?’ ‘I say: No’. I think she was joking anyway because I’m handsome. What do you think? Look what the Lord has done. But she said of all the children, ‘you were the ugliest’.

“I know people who when they were young were very ugly, and have become beauty queens, you see their head running backwards and forwards and everybody says: ‘This girl, your head is like a hammer’, and now they are ‘Miss Something’ or the other, they’ve won a beauty contest. Because God, when he speaks about you, it’s not based on your current reality, he calls the things which be not as though they were”, Pastor Otabil taught his congregation.


Source: Classfmonline

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