MTN launches ‘aYo Recharge with Care’ to boost insurance penetration

MTN Ghana has launched ‘aYo Recharge with Care’ to boost insurance penetration among informal workers.

‘aYo Recharge with Care’ is an insurance policy solely offered on the MTN network. It enables MTN subscribers to buy life insurance for as low as 50 pesewas through the use of recharge cards.

The move is in partnership with aYo Intermediaries Ghana Ltd and Met Life Insurance.

Commenting on the launch of the product, Country Director of Ayo Intermediaries, Francis Gota said: ‘‘MTN’s vision is to provide a future where everyone uses insurance. When unforeseen instances happen would you always have to rely on friends and people for support? So instead of relying on people, why don’t you get insured and be responsible for your own welfare.”

Mr Gota said, ‘’Recharge with care has been designed specifically for everybody, but most importantly for the informal workers – Our traders, drivers, mechanics and any other person who seems excluded from the banking and insurance system’’.

The policy pays a fixed lump sum per night in the event of hospitalization due to accident or illness. With as low as 50 pesewas, subscribers can contribute whenever they recharge with airtime.

Francis Gota assured that claims under this policy will not be cumbersome.

“Making claims for this policy is very simple, all you have to do is send a picture of your claim document to MTN via WhatsApp and that is it, we send you the money via mobile money wallet.”

Chief Marketing Officer of MTN Ghana, Guido Sopiimeht, said insurance was more than a form of a social safety net; it is also a tool to absorb risks from individuals and ensure stability while promoting economic growth.

He said beyond the financial inclusion imperative of the ‘aYo Recharge with Care’ service, subscribers will be in the position to enjoy all the benefits of an insurance package in a simple and convenient way.

The policyholder must be a permanent resident of Ghana and 15 to 65 years of age.


Source: Business Desk

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