MTN HoC Season 5 —A Compelling Story Of David Hagan


MTN Ghana Foundation recently announced the names and projects of the top 10 finalists for the MTN Heroes of Change Season 5.

And the final 10 nominees were Diana Adjei, Rev. Fr., Akologo Dominic Alale Azumah, Justin Yelevielbayire, Mawusi Awity, Charles Ofori Antipem, Daniel Owusu Asiamah, Frank Abeku Adams, Benjamin Akinkang, David Hagan, and Louisa Enyonam Ansah.


Their projects—which range from health, education and economic empowerment—have benefited members of their communities over the years.


This weekend the story of nominee, David Hagan, a 29-year-old teacher, who doubles as the Founder of Galaxy Foundation (journey from despair to hope) will be aired this weekend on revision.


David Hagan’s story depicts how he supports people in the needy homes.


Hagan has devoted his energy, time and resources primarily to provide healthcare needs and a future to many people.


In a brief interaction with Today, Hagan shares his achievements and struggles as a person who lost his father at a tender age.


Commenting on what motivated him to set up the Foundation, Hagan lamented that “I lost my dad right after JHS. He was a miner. When he died, things changed so fast that sometimes we had to beg from family friends to eat. My mum was jobless. I struggled my way through secondary school.


Continuing, he recounted that one day, while walking by the roadside he saw a young girl with her mum begging on the street.


Frankly, he said, something struck him so hard that he reckoned that it was time for him to make a change.


“I had nothing but I was determined to make sure people live a good lives. We do not have to wait to have enough before we give to others, now is the time!,” he added.


Articulating his project his further, he noted that he started with donations to needy homes, organising health screening for communities and holding free health surgery for patients who needed.


“Once we get a particular case, we mobilise funds from angles. i.e., Facebook, friends, and churches. Then we talk to the surgeons who sometimes do it at a half price for the patients.  AngloGold also supports us by giving us their theatre at the hospital for the surgeries to take place,” he disclosed to Today.


Asked how he funds the project, Hagan said they contribute their monthly salaries.


He added that they also have some donors who bought into “our vision and so support us when in need. We also get some from friends on Facebook.”


On how much impact the project has had, he disclosed that over 210 patients have undergone surgeries through our project, adding again that over 2000 people at deprived communities have benefited from our free health screening


He asserted that the project has saved over 210 lives.



On challenges, Hagan said the project was capital intensive, adding that “we would have done much more than we have over the 7 years we started this project but our main challenge is finance.”





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