MTN Heroes Of Change Grand Finale Today Meet All The Ten Contestants

Weekend Today presents you an overview of the ten (10) contesters who are being considered for the MTN Hero of Change Award.


The programme is intended to shine a light on the heroes and heroines who have had a significant impact on the people of Ghana.  The following are being considered for this award. And the ultimate winner will be announced this evening at the Accra International Conference Centre.


Mawusi AWITY is the founder of the Network of Women in Growth (NEWIG GHANA). Her self-funded organisation focuses on teaching women vocational and enterprising skills, such as craft making and electronically.


Since the programme’s creation 15 years ago, NEWIG GHANA has already trained over 7,000 women across Ghana.  She hopes that she will be able to continue expanding the programme to target women in rural areas in Ghana, giving the women of Ghana a life outside their families.


Justin Kantavooro YELEVIELBAYIRE is a Biogas Engineer from the Upper West Region of Ghana who has created the self-funded project Plastic Waste to Fuel. His programme is focused on eliminating plastic waste in Ghana, all while providing employment. The project has already provided over 150 jobs across Ghana and is expected to bring in another 2,000 jobs.


Rev. Fr. Akologo Dominic AZUMAH is a Farmer and Catholic Priest who created the youth mentorship programme – Father Farms Project.  And this programme has been focused on the Binduri District, where it teaches Ghanaian youth to work with livestock and crops.


He has already trained over 300 young men. His programme has helped the Binduri people see a drop in youth migration and poverty rates.
Frank Abeku ADAMS is an agri-business investor who created the project- Book The Shelves.  The project goal is to gather more books and reading materials for the citizens of Ekumfi District who are battling a low illiteracy rate. Book The Shelves has allowed for more children and young adults to gain access to books.  It also has taken the burden of farm-families who had to originally purchase books for school.  Now they can avoid these additional costs, thanks to the programme’s donations.

Daniel Owusu ASIAMAH is a missionary who founded Project Outreach Africa (Free) Vocational Institute (OAVI), a vocational school that helps young people graduate after being inflicted with poverty or death of a parent.  Since 2008, this project has been teaching young people vocational disciplines such as fashion design, food and nutrition and hair, and beauty. Additionally, they teach more traditional subjects such as English and Mathematics.  They also provide free transportation and a discounted store where students can buy materials.  Within the last ten years, 945 students were able to graduate due to the support of the programme.  And by next year, another 200 will be graduating. Today, over 95 % of them are employed.

Charles Ofori ANTIPEM is a young entrepreneur who created a mobile laboratory for the use of basic and junior high science experiments, in order to address the pressing issue of a lack of practical science education within Ghana. Since the programme’s formation, over 22,000 students have participated in the laboratories. Additionally, the programme has trained 550 educators and 370 schools on the devices, allowing the interest of science to spread around the youth community within Ghana.

Benjamin AKINKANG is a Senior Medical Officer, whose initiative—Team Of Hope—comprise fifteen clinical officers who come together every November to offer free medical care (surgeries included) to the people of Sandema and beyond.

Highlights of this project include various surgical procedures.  And among these are hernia repairs, appendicectomy, laboratory exploratory, hysterectomy, tube thoracostomy etc.

Louisa Enyonam ANSAH, a physical challenged, runs a foundation –Enyonam Short Foundation.

Posted to the Roman Catholic Kindergarten in Adoagyiri, Nsawam, Louisa for the past 20 years has given hope to many children with same condition but from poor homes who could not enroll their wards in special schools.

Louisa has enrolled physically challenged children into her self-funded Enyonam Short Foundation to have access to quality education.

David HAGAN is a teacher and the Executive Director of Galaxy Foundation.  Through the Galaxy Foundation, Mr Hagan is helping to bring huge relief and hope to thousands of children in Obuasi and its satellite towns.

Diana ADJEI is the Founder of Aseda Foundation, an institution that takes prostitutes off the streets and equips them with trades that secure their lives.  Thanks to her efforts, almost 3,500 people have received one form of training or another.

Currently, she has 610 masters in 25 different vocations, who are currently training children of over 3,400 from different parts of the country.



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