Our mothers deserve loads of care!

SUNDAY, May 13, is Mother’s Day.  It is a day that is celebrated to honour the mother of the family, as well as motherhood, maternal bonds, and the influence of mothers in society


IN a world where under-appreciation and selfishness have grown strong muscles, choking our very existence and ceasing the very vessels of breath by making us battle each other for every drop of honey, we forget the beginnings of our being, the comforting wombs in which we laid before we ever had our first sniff of air and the re-assuring breasts that fed us till we grew our first set of teeth.


WE turn our backs on the very bowels that warmed us in the nakedness of our childhoods.  Women and for that matter mothers have been the vessels for the formation of life and the entry point for every human that ever tasted the salt of life.


THE world has grown fond of adoration for great men and immortalised their achievements even years after their departure, yet we forget the breast that fed them when they were feeble and weak.


MOTHERS have suffered the worst forms of social neglect and rejection amidst domestic struggles and the ups and downs of raising children in the absence of the man of the house.  With little praise to their names, they always lurk at the background when stories of great men are told sometimes without a hint of their roles in the upbringing of such heroes.


INDEED motherhood is enormous work!  It is labour and it is pain and as individuals and as a nation it is time we did a little more than sing a few songs on Mothers’ Day and say a few thank yous here and there to flower the occasion.


Weekend Today is pushing for comprehensive domestic reforms to improve the quality of lives of women and a concentrated attempt to advance the livelihoods of single mothers who have been victims of deceptions and betrayals and have toiled days and nights at the very peril of their lives to raise children up, especially those that are abandoned by their fathers.


AS a newspaper with our strong belief in the use of media to push salient social intervention and protection, we appeal to all to play necessary roles wherever they are, whether at the institutional or individual levels to strengthen the hands of mothers as they try to make life comfortable for children around the world.

HOSPITAL authorities should also have more improved approaches dealing with maternal health matters.


Weekend Today urges institutions to have open door policies for mothers seeking opportunities because by helping them you would be helping an entire household.


DR Kwegyir Aggrey famously said: “when you educate a man you educate an individual but when you educate a woman, you educate a nation.” Mothers have tendency of passing on the bits and pieces of what come to them to their offspring therefore, we should not only wait for Mothers’ Day to remember the weight of debt we owe them. They deserve more than a twenty-four-hour applause.


AS Sunday, 13th May approaches and the world celebrates Mother’s Day, let us use the occasion to push for the appropriate social and family recognition and the formulation of better interventions in all the related national policies to appreciate the selfless sacrifices of the Ghanaian mother and which have direct bearings on the quality of life in our society.


ON that score we salute all Ghanaian mothers!

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