Morocco lose out on 2026 World Cup bid

Morocco have been defeated by a joint-bid from USA, Canada and Mexico for the hosting rights of the 2026 World Cup.

The 2026 vote was taken at the FIFA Congress held in Moscow yesterday and the tournament was awarded to a joint North American bid.

The 2026 tournament will be the second to be hosted across more than one country, following South Korea and Japan’s co-hosting of the 2002 edition.

Morocco were considered outsiders in the bidding process and were labelled “high risk” by FIFA because many of their proposed venues needed to be built from scratch.

By contrast, the North American bid already had virtually all of the infrastructure in place and aside from earning a higher rating by the FIFA evaluators, also promised a record profit for the tournament.

Only one round of voting was required at the Congress early this afternoon, with the North American bid receiving 134 votes compared to 65 for Morocco. One vote was cast in favour of neither bid receiving the tournament.

This is the fifth time that Morocco has bid to host the World Cup, and they have fallen short on each occasion.


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