Meet Sensational Gospel Artiste—Sonnie Badu

Sonnie Badu began his ministry at a very young age, singing in his home country, Ghana. Sonnie was raised under a strict Christian upbringing, his father, Reverend Agyeman Prempeh, a prominent Pastor in the capital city, Accra, will wake his children up with a cane for church every Sunday.  It was this discipline that established his life-long passion of service to the Lord.

Though Sonnie Badu had been a worship leader from his youth, to all who knew him, football was his gift.  However, his hopes of international football success were soon eclipsed when the Lord begun to turn this heart.  At age 18, Sonnie was attacked by a mysterious infection that nearly led to his death.

And it was at this trying moment of his life that Sonnie made a promise to follow God if He would spare his life. According to him, God spared his life.

Sonnie Badu, affectionately called “The Worshipper,” released his first gospel album “Lost in His Glory” on 1 December, 2007.  He has sang alongside international gospel artists including Juanita Bynum, Lionel Peterson, Alvin Slaughter, Noel Robinson, Muyiwa, Sammy Okposu, Mike Aremu and other gospel ministers.

On March 21, 2008, the celebrated gospel singer organised a concert dubbed: “Africa Worships with Sonnie Badu,” to raise funds for the needy in society.  He also supported victims of Kenya’s elections violence in 2008 with some proceeds from the concert.


As a unique gospel singer, Sonnie Badu’s ministry is accompanied by signs and wonders including prophetic deliverances, healings of cancers, strokes, paralysis, barrenness and the salvation of souls.  Christians would describe this as a confirmation of his calling. He is described as a young man with the golden voice; others esteem him for his ability to move audiences.


However, these talents find their greatest expression because of his Love for God. Currently in the UK gospel industry, he is hailed as one of the most celebrated and influential worship leaders to emerge from the African church sector in recent years.


He heats up the church circuits with his energetic sound and colourful mix of contemporary and African praise, and worship with a style so diverse, he appeals to every preference. Sonnie Badu is no gimmick: “I did not call myself” is a statement he commonly relies on for expression. He is no ordinary man and is not one to be compared with any other.

He has two books to his credit – ‘The Worshippers Cry’ and ‘Raw Worship-Ignite My Fire.’


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