Massive support for Goosie as Nat’l Congress draws close


It is becoming increasingly clear that Mr Augustus Goosie Tanoh, one of the six flag-bearer hopefuls of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), is making huge of in-roads in the presidential primary race.


In fact, many NDC members and supporters have loads of admiration for Mr Goosie Tanoh, who believe is the best card for the party, going into the 2019 poll.


Speaking to Today, many of the Goosie admirers contended the NDC cannot have any better party person to lead it into the 2020 general election, than settling on Goosie.


Detailing the many Goosie’s contributions to the party, they said that the NDC lost the 2000 election partly due to Mr Tanoh leaving the party.


However, they said Mr Tanoh’s “selfless and impeccable” contributions from the very first day of the formation of the NDC till its landslide victory in 1992 cannot be overrated.


They questioned why many detractors of Goosie Tanoh would still be holding something that happened in 2000 even after 19 years.


“…19 years down the lane, Goosie is still answering for that singular act despite the fact that he returned to the NDC for years after the split and has continued the painstaking work that endeared him the party’s grassroots,” they said.


They described Mr Tanoh as a “principled, strong-power-to-the-people” believer of whom any true party person can attest.”


“The persons who know him testify his love for work, unwavering love for reform and an enviable belief in the grassroots of the NDC,” they added.


Furthermore, these NDC members, especially the carders who have grown to love Goosie, stressed that his message of rebuilding the structures of the party to put it in a strong position to wrestle back power from the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) has really resonated with the NDC grassroots.


As to why he has not been heard criticising the NPP government as his other contender, John Dramani Mahama, has been doing, Goosie’s supporters explained that “Goosie sees this NPP government as an experimental and guess work one hence doesn’t merit precious time.”


“Goosie’s campaign has rather been focused on the NDC and the reorganization of its structures and fine-tuning various structures for a better tomorrow for Ghana,” some of the supporters noted.


However, they were happy at the defence put up by Goosie of his track record of reform, restructuring, revolution and non- conformism.


As the NDC prepares for its national delegates congress, many of the members are seriously selling what they consider the strongest points of their favourite candidates.


Even though each of them has his strongest and weakest parts, there has been numerous attempts to ‘dress them in their best clothes for the public.





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