Massive Demo to Hit  gov’t -Kwesi Pratt hints

If the police ever thought, they were moving to nip-in-the bud, the intend demonstration by the #Fix thefixthecountry movement, then their calculation has misfired, Kwesi Pratt Jnr the managing editor of the Insight newspaper has given the strongest hint yet, of a massive demonstration, that is likely to hit the country from same organisers soon.

The High Court granted an injunction sought by the police to stop the fix the country demonstration, with the police arguing that any such act, would be in contravention of government’s order, that bars mass gathering as a means of curbing further spread of the COVID 19 virus/pandemic.

With Ghana yet to recover fully from the COVID 19 virus infections, the ban on social gathering is still being considered by government as a safest COVID 19 protocol option, in the belief that a freeze on mass gathering was the only to minimize the spread of the virus.

But the Supreme Court last week, nullified the High Court verdict, paving the way for the organisers of the demonstration to go ahead with their action, if they so wish.

In the estimation of Mr. Pratt, it was bad judgement on the part of government and the police to conspire to “deny the initial demonstration of the Fix the country leaders” which in his estimation, was only going to be a small protest.

Speaking on Alhaji and Alhaji current affairs programme on Pan African TV, which was monitored by the Today Newspaper  a visibly angry Pratt was ready to bet his last coin that the soon-to-be held demonstration by the fix the country organisers will be very huge.

“If the government and the police allowed the initial demonstration, that would have been very small. But the way this government and the police are behaving, they rather are organizing the demonstration for the demonstrators”, he declared on the programme.

He further averred, “I can bet my last cedi that if they allow the organizers, there is going to be a mammoth demonstration in this country and it will be so big because of the behaviour of the government and the police”.

Pratt also touched on the misconception and the confusion about how demonstrations ought to be organized in the country, stating “there seems to be some form of confusion in the country on how to seek permission for demonstrations. Nobody requires the permission of the police to start a demonstration. It’s only the court that can stop any group from demonstrating in Ghana”.

According to Pratt, organizers of demonstrations  were only required to notify the police; and in such circumstance, the demonstrators were  only required to state the root of their action or demonstration; the estimated participants, and who the leaders of the demonstration are.

The police, according to Kwesi Pratt, only get involved when they have difficulty in the notification and thus by law to get back to the organizers and if the police cannot agree on what to do, the police can then resort to the courts because “it’s only the High Court that can stop a demonstration”.

The initial action of the police to go to court without recourse to dialogue with the organizers of the fix the country group amounted to the curtailment of the fundamental rights of the organizers and wondered what the President would be thinking now.

“Nana Akufo Addo used to speak about such rights when he was in opposition, but the case is different now. This abuse on the right to demonstrate has continued for far too long. What is shocking is that today we have a President who in opposition insisted that it was abuse of the constitution and it is happening under his watch”, Pratt, reminded Ghanaians.

He expressed shock thus “This is so unbelievable that we have a President who used to speak like me and under his watch, this is what is happening.

Story: Today Correspondent

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