Martin Amidu Needs Prayers To Succeed

Corruption is like gari for many people. That is what they eat, therefore, you must be careful if you want to “pour sand into their gari”, as the Nigerians say. This means checking that they do not eat what does not belong to them or putting a stop to their illegal activities. They will fight back. My Grandfather had a story; He hired a young man, a Standard Seven leaver, to be his book-keeper for his fishing business. Not long after that, stories started flowing that the young man was having affairs with several women; some were even married, but he lured them with the money he was siphoning from my Grandfather. Several checks on the books revealed nothing because the young man had devised a clever way to avoid being caught.  Though nothing was found out, Grandpa, finally had no choice but to dismiss his book-keeper.


That was when my grandpa’s troubles started. The women who were enjoying the young man’s booty started calling my Grand-father names. Some of them even organised people to stop buying from the old man. The last thing that nearly killed him was when he was accused of engaging in human sacrifice to increase his daily catch. Unfortunately for Grand-pa, the young man he dismissed was one of the people leading the misinformation. He even told some people that, it was his refusal to help get a young man killed for sacrifice that led to his dismissal.


It is for this reason that grand-pa always asked me to be careful if l want to fight any system. The people will come after you in different ways. I have seen this happen to many people especially people who want to fight corruption.


Writing in the Nepali Times last year, Kanak Mani Dixit said, “both the bar and the bench have gone into corrupt embrace, justice is compromised and delayed.” What was more, Dixit said, the overall atmosphere has been the ‘setting’ of court procedure, with collusion in the assignment of judges to particular cases.”


In order to clean the system, advocate-turned-judge SushilaKarki, was appointed Chief Justice. She tried all she could, but the system caught up with her because they saw her personal austerity and public probity as a threat. They fought her.

This is just one example. Therefore, Amidu as Special Prosecutor should expect that he will be fought from all angles.  Some of those who are shouting his praise now will be the same people who will call for his blood when they are affected by investigations. Therefore, if he is thick-skinned, he must find a way of making it thicker because he is going to be attacked with a lot of insults, innuendoes, and mud throwing, all in the attempt to distract him.


If he is a Christian, he must start praying and fasting. His close friends and family who wish him well should join him in his prayers. With prayers, no weapon that is formed against him shall prosper; and every tongue that shall rise against him in judgment He shall condemn. If he is not a Christian, then, he must find a way to pour more libation to invoke the spirits that will guide and guard him in his new job.

Failure to take these steps will mean that, he will be opening himself to attacks by demons of various kinds. If he likes women, he should expect more ladies to come  and visit him in his new office. Some of them will not come there to arouse him, they will be agents sent to confuse him. It is not only in the office that these demons will come to seek him.


If l were Martin Amidu, l will look for a new pair of dark glasses that will keep me from looking at the faces, cleavages and the back-sides of women. These are very dangerous things which need to be avoided if you want to concentrate on the work infront of you. He must check with Pastors throughout the country to see what women have done to them. It is not because women are bad by their nature, but some men use them as agents of destruction against people they want to destroy.

In the event that he is able to withstand the lure of women, the next thing that he should expect is the attempt to corrupt him through several cunning ways. He is an experienced man, but he will need wisdom to fight those who will use black-mail and all types of tricks to compromise him in order to destroy him.

There is this story of a Nigerian University Lecturer who was so strict with his work that he never gave in to an attempt by one father to make him change his son’s grade from total fail to just a pass. The man finally went to see the lecturer’s wife who was fed up with their state of poverty and so accepted the offer. Therefore, Amidu must look at his home and family and be sure that, they are all in tune with his hatred for corruption. His close associates must be people who must also pray so that they can help him provide the service that every Ghanaian is dying for.

For those of us who want corruption to be killed, we need to be on our knees because if everything else fails, the bad guys will use other means to get Amidu attacked by sickness. I have heard some politicians tell tales of things they have to go through on a daily basis. Far from being superstitious, let it be known that many people in top positions have faced some of these problems and not spoken about them publicly.


There was this African politician who once told me a story of how a very beautiful lady walked into his office and professed her love for him. This lady had everything and it was obvious that she was being honest. This politician who had never cheated on his wife for 30 years, claimed he was not sure what happened to him after the lady’s visit and he decided to follow her. That led to his fall. He learned later that, she was in league in with some businessmen who used her to lure men they want to destroy.


I have also heard tales of some people who got into their offices to find strange objects planted there. This all proof that we live in a very dangerous world where nothing should be taken for granted. To avoid these dangers, we have to be prayerful in our own ways every day otherwise, we open ourselves to attacks.

In fact, the job that Amidu has taken up is not for the faint hearted. He needs the courage to start and it is the collective prayer of those of us who think corruption should be killed for good, that will help him. If he does not pray and if we also do not play our role to fortify him against the dark forces that would want to see him fail, corruption will not die but grow and we must not blame anyone. We should look at other countries and see what corruption has done to their lives and take note that we will go the same route if we do not take up the challenge that Amidu’s appointment has offered us.


…with Francis Kokutse

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