Manasseh served summon …by substitution


An Accra High Court has granted an application by lawyers for De Eye Group, the company at the centre of a recent documentary by Multimedia Group journalist, Manasseh Awuni Azure, to serve him by substitution.

This was after bailiffs failed to serve him with the writ of summons, insisting he has evaded service on more than four occasions.

The court also granted another application to set aside an appearance by Lawyer Samson Lardy Anyenini.

Counsel for De Eye Group, Gary Nimako, argued that until a writ of summons has been duly served on someone, the jurisdiction of the court cannot be said to have been invoked, hence Lawyer Samson Ayenini cannot enter appearance for Manasseh Azure as it stands.

The court, granting the application to serve Manasseh by substitution, means the writ of summons would be posted in front of the premises of Multimedia Group as well as social media.

After a ten-day period, it is deemed he has seen the summons and, therefore, duly served.

De-Eye Group Limited sued Multimedia Group and Manasseh Azure Awuni over claims made in the militia documentary that was aired in March.

In the said documentary, Manasseh alleged that the company was training a pro-government militia group operating from the Osu Castle, a former seat of government.

Both the government and the De-Eye Group denied the allegations, insisting that the company was a recruitment agency which was not a threat to Ghana’s security.

De-Eye group in its writ indicated that the company was not a “militia group” as suggested in the documentary.

The company is, therefore, seeking a declaration that the publication be declared slanderous and defamatory.

De-Eye is also seeking compensatory damages in the sum of ten million Ghana cedis for loss of reputation against the defendants.

The company is also seeking an order directed at the defendants to retract the said defamatory publications and render unqualified apology in the same prominence on Joy TV and four publications in the Daily Graphic.





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