Making lives better for poor communities!

THERE are loads of poor communities across this nation.  And it is as if these communities have been forgotten entirely by our leaders.

WE tend to hear of such ‘forgotten communities’ when their residents muster courage to demonstrate to the rest of this country that they are not getting a fair share of the national cake.

THESE communities lack basic infrastructure facilities such as potable water, good roads, electricity, quality schools, health centres etcetera.

ROADS in such communities have become nothing more than death traps, wreaking havoc on cars.

IT becomes worse when it rains which situation makes it extremely difficult for vehicles, taking many several hours to reach their destinations.

WOSRE still, some of these communities are compelled to drink from very polluted rivers and streams.

THE question, therefore, engraved upon the lips of many residents in these impoverished communities is: are they part of Ghana?

IN the estimation of Today, the above is a legitimate question because these are communities whose residents are Ghanaians and deserve to be catered for by those at the helm of affairs.

HOWEVER, the interesting thing is that when our politicians want votes to enable them win power they travel to such communities and beg them for votes.

AND after obtaining their votes these politicians abandon these communities, forgetting that these are the same communities that voted them to power.

INDEED this paper continues to get worried in the light of the fact that these communities continue to be denied basic infrastructure, with many of its residents wallowing in abject poverty.

THIS is where we are calling on the current administration (the Akufo-Addo-led government) to act with a sense of passion.  And that means taking pragmatic measures to improve conditions in these abandoned communities.

TODAY, therefore, believes that it is about time our governments take a firm decision to improve conditions in these deprived communities.


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