Are we losing our sense of compassion?

GHANAIANS are noted for their urge to go to the rescue of especially accident victims.  An accident scenario would see copious Ghanaians thronging the scene with the primary motive of going to care for the injured and transporting those who are in dire need of medical attention to the hospitals.


AS a people, the most important thing at accident scenes was saving lives, anything else was secondary.  Sadly, many of us appear to be losing our sense of compassion towards accident victims—all because of this creature called social media!


NOW it is about the first person to go viral with accident pictures that gets the credit and not the one who goes to help.  Sad, isn’t it?


HOWEVER, that is the stark reality we are confronted with in this our era of technology.


THIS growing phenomenon in this country being fuelled by social media is gaining currency so much that those who circulate these horrifying pictures via social media do not care about the privacy of injured during accidents.


SOME go to the extent of even posting naked pictures of accident victims through social media—a very condemnable and despicable practice!


WORRYING as the practice is becoming, we do not appear to be taking steps to control it.  The only measure for now is people condemning it, though not bad.


FOR us at Today we expect that some action(s) to be taken against people who post pictures of accident victims through social media.  We must also state that we are not in any way advocating for a ban on social media usage.


FAR from that!  Indeed what we are calling for is a regulation of a sort. That would help prevent some of the excesses of social media usage.


THAT is why as a people and a nation we must come to a modus vivendi on how to tackle the above subject.


YES, social media has positives, no doubt about that.  A classic example is the Midland Savings & Loans saga which witnessed a policeman beating cruelly a woman carrying her daughter’s baby and had gone to the bank to withdraw her money.


BUT then we at Today shudder when we see people abuse social media.  We expect the powers-that-be to take this growing menace serious and find measures to deal with it.  A stitch in time…



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