Lips bleaching in schools! A matter for FDA and our security agencies to act

IN the Wednesday, July 04, 2018 edition of Today we carried a story on the front page with the headline: ‘Lip bleaching Soars in Schools in KEEA.

THE story- which was done by Ocean 1 TV, one of our affiliate TV stations, in Elmina in the Komenda-Edina-Eguafo-Abirem (KEEA) Municipality in the Central Region, brought to the fore how bleaching of the lips had become a growing phenomenon in both basic and senior high schools in the municipality.

ACCORDING to the story, the penchant for these young ones to bleach their lips stemmed from the reason that they want to look more attractive and appealing!

SADLY, many of these school-going children had become so addicted to the practice that they have coined a name for the mixture they apply on their lips.

AND the name they have given to this so-called lip bleaching cream is ‘conshore’—a mixture of toothpaste, bleaching cream and sometimes local Ghanaian gin popularly known as “akpeteshie.”

THE practice, in the view of Today is disquieting and could have health complications for these young children many of who are ignorant of the long-term effects of using such dangerous so-called bleaching creams.

HOWEVER, it is worrying that children of such tender age who should be pre-occupied with their books would be seen engaging in a practice that puts their health at high risk!

SPEAKING with Ocean 1 TV on the matter, a Mental Health expert, Dr Isaac Newman Arthur, advocated for counselling programmes with the aim of enhancing individuals’ self-esteem.

HE also warned that most bleaching creams were not edible, stressing that the dangers of using them with a mixture of alcohol on the lips were enormous.

MEANWHILE, we are happy that the Central Regional Food and Drugs Authority has got wind of the practice in schools within KEEA.

AND according to the Central Regional FDA Director, Mr Odai Tettey, his outfit was hunting for persons selling such ‘unregistered’ bleaching products to students to bring them to book.

FOR us at Today this is a matter not only for the FDA but our security agencies to act on and bring those selling such dangerous bleaching creams to students to be arrested.

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