‘Life Without Cancer’ book launched

Communication Director at Foods Sovereignty Ghana (FSG), Mr Godwin Baffour, has cautioned against the consumption of Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) foods.

Such foods, according to him, are cancerous and injurious to the health of humans.

Mr Baffour said this at the launch of a book written by Dr Boanerges Kwashie Nkosana Nartey, titled: ‘Life without cancer – Every Home Remedies.

According to him, Ghana has abundant foodstuff rotting away on farmlands due to the lack of access roads, which has bedevilled the country for generations.

He maintained that his outfit kicked against the nomination of the country’s current Agriculture Minister, Owusu Afriyie Akoto, due to his controversial view on GMOs.

Mr Baffour alleged that those who champion the importation of GMO foods into the country do not patronise them due to their cancerous and hypertensive nature.

“We cannot have food rotting in our farms while we go for something which is not good for our health. It is either the case that those who are championing the cost of GMO foods into this country are either being sponsored or they have GMO monies in their pockets,” he alleged.

For his part, the author of the book (Life without cancer- Every Home Remedies,) Dr Nkosana Nartey, described as “very emotional” writing a book for his friend who looked very healthy but died as a result of a brain tumour from cancer.

That, he said, formed the basis of his research.

According to him, substances such as corn syrup, corn starch among others were dangerous to human health.

He advised against the consumption of food products, which have the potential of causing cancer, and called for education on GMO foods. He said most of the unlabelled canned foods had traces of GMO.

Having realised the trick and deception, Dr Nkosana Nartey revealed that producers of GMO foods no longer name their products but rather use numbers, luring consumers to consume their products without recognising.

The book, according to author, has all cancer foods one should be aware of, cancer fighting foods as well as certain proven cancer nutritional diet programmes.


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