Some people have never seen any tragic incident since they were born, so they assume life will always be rosy but for me because of my humble background, I have come to appreciate life differently.


No man controls all the factors that make life worth living, and life can take a different twist at any time. Even, when I’m doing well, I’m still humbled in my heart because it could be worse.


I have seen a rich person becoming poor, and a poor person becoming very rich. I have seen a healthy person becoming sickly and I have seen a sick person live longer than healthy people. I have seen a virtuous person incarcerated, and a dubious person freed.


What if you get into an accident? What if you get cancer? What if you get kidney disease? What if you become mentally unstable? What if you get caught up in a flood? What if you contract an incurable disease and become bedridden? What if you end up in prison?


What if coronavirus kills you?


Some people may think, they are immune to any tragic incident, but tragedy knows no immunity. So be of a kind heart. Help people if you can, visit the sick, and lift someone up. Be the reason why someone smiles and let your existence be a source of hope for the hopeless.


Always remember, it could be worse. Let your lifestyle be an inspiration and an example to others. Be in a state of peaceful happiness, because someone is always wishing to be in your shoes. It could be worse.


Have a nice day

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