Let’s protect our water resources

WATER they say is life, and that is why as a country, we must not joke with our water resources.

 IT is important therefore to have a national policy on the use of natural solutions for the conservation and protection of water resources in the country.

THAT, we believe will ensure the sustainable management of fresh water resources to meet current and future human demand.

WHILE working towards that, we must also not forget that, factors such as  population growth, change in consumption patterns, climate change, among others have the pressure on the fixed water resources which is increasingly becoming scarce.

THE national policy must also focus on a conscious effort  of ensuring behavioural change by incorporating in the educational curriculum from the primary to the tertiary level topics, such as proper waste disposal and the protection of natural resources.

ALSO Today believes nature- based solutions when effectively adopted will address water management challenges, particularly, water for domestic use, agriculture, disaster risk reduction and water quality.

CURRENTLY, water resource management remains heavily dominated by the use of human-built infrastructure such as construction of bridges, dams, drains among others, the enormous potential for nature-based solutions remain underutilised.

THIS has denied about four (4)  million Ghanaians access to safe water resources, and as a result  they have to rely on contaminated water, unprotected dug wells and streams for survival.

IT is for this  reason that  Today urges Ghanaians to contribute  by planting green grass for their landscape  instead of using concrete and pavement bricks in their homes.

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