‘Let’s Patronise Made-In-Ghana Goods’

President and Chairman of Groupe Nduom (GN), Dr Papa Kwesi Nduom has urged Ghanaians to patronise Made in Ghana goods to help make the economy strong.

Dr Nduom made this observation yesterday[Monday, December 18, 2017] when he spoke on Business Television Africa (BTA), a member of GN Media.

The business magnate was sharing his views on how some of his companies both home and abroad have felt this year.

Although he was happy with the success of his outfits, he admitted there were few challenges that they had to overcome.

Dr Nduom was particularly, enthused about the success of GN Foods which produces “Edwumawura” rice  for Ghanaian consumers.

He explained that, “Edwumawura rice has a lot of moisture and ingredients that makes it healthy for consumption “.

Describing it as the best nutritious rice on the market, Dr Nduom further urged Ghanaian consumers to make use of it this Christmas season.

According to Dr. Nduom, “my dream is to see “Edwumawura” rice becomes a leader in food production in the sub-Region”.

He assured government of his unflinching support for the economy to become vibrant where the unemployed youth will get  jobs  to do.

That he said, would be driven by his passion for job creation for the youth.

Dr Nnduom was hopeful that, next year will be a better year, and called on government to put in place good economic polices, whiles working to fulfill its campaign promises.



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