Let’s have a clean census

IT appears that all is not too well at the Ghana Statistical Service (GSS). A front page story on our paper today paints a gloomy picture of what is happening at the statistical service. According to the story, workers of GSS are angry with their boss, Dr Grace Bediako.

Among the workers grievances include the deliberate delay in the payment of their work allowances; a complete blackout on promotions of workers for almost ten years; and more importantly many of them receive meagre salaries.

What is happening at GSS is very disturbing and should not be taken lightly neither should it be glossed over by the powers that be. Workers conditions in this country are nothing to write home about. Indeed this is not the first time that we have had calls from workers in government institutions agitating for better conditions of service.

Although as we are not holding brief for the workers, we think that government needs to intervene in the matter. This is because our national population census is scheduled to take off anytime soon.

We at Today fear that the situation at GSS might soon get out of hand and consequently affect the 2010 census. From our story, it is obvious that the workers have been pushed extremely to the wall and are ready to embark on demonstration in demand of their fair share of the national cake.

It is very sad that for close to10 years no promotions have gone on at GSS. It is even more pathetic when, though, many of the workers have upgraded their educational status, and yet are still taking home meagre salaries. Who on this earth will feel comfortable under such conditions?

We hope government will step into the matter and have it resolved amicably. Our plea is premised on the fact that GSS has a critical national assignment to perform this year – 2010 national population census.

We all have a responsibility to ensure that the 2010 national population census is conducted successfully. And this we must do by having census officers who are motivated to conduct the exercise.

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