Let’s go beyond politics to make Ghana prosperous—Nduom

President and Chairman of Groupe Nduom (GN), Dr Papa Kwesi Nduom, has called on Ghanaians to ‘go beyond politics’ and contribute meaningfully towards making Ghana a prosperous country.

He said Ghanaians must resist the temptation of playing partisan politics, which practice often denies many Ghanaians opportunities.

“The temptation is to play NDC, PPP, NPP politics and deny opportunities for other citizens.  We must resist this temptation,” urged Dr Nduom.

Dr Nduom made the call in a speech read on his behalf by Papa Asankoma Yorke during the celebration of Ghana’s 61st Independence Anniversary in Chicago, USA, at the weekend.

The event, which was organised by the Ghana National Council of Metropolitan Chicago & Affiliates in Chicago, USA, was on the theme: “Celebration of Excellence.”

In Dr Nduom’s opinion, Ghana’s situation after 61 years of independence was one that required leadership based on excellence to address the myriad problems confronting the country.

“High unemployment, poor sanitation, underdeveloped infrastructure among many others require that we go beyond partisan politics and unite as one people to find the solutions desperately needed back home,” he urged.

According to him, “when Ghana wins, we all win.”

In this regard, the president and chairman of GN urged Ghanaians in Chicago to help their fellow Ghanaians to enable them reach their full potential.

He gave the assurance that moving forward Groupe Nduom will remain a reliable partner to the Ghana National Council.

“Many of your members have opened a Diaspora Account with GN Bank in Ghana and others are customers of ISF Bank here in Chicago.  We are about to introduce a product, PayGlobal, in partnership with ISF Bank, so that you can open an account with the bank and feed your PayGlobal Digital wallet with funds,” said Dr Nduom.

The above, according to Dr Nduom, will make it possible for Ghanaians in Chicago to send money directly to Ghana from an ISF bank account using the PayGlobal app.

“God willing, this will happen before June this year.  When you patronise PayGlobal, you will help Ghana earn foreign currency because we will use it to support local businesses in Ghana,” he disclosed.

Giving a brief history of GN, Dr Nduom revealed that the group was started in the USA in the 1980s.

He said GN currently operates actively in all the ten regions of Ghana employing over 6,000 people.

He said: ‘Our company’s slogan is, “Beyond Excellence,” and added that “We work very hard to live by this.”

Dr Nduom commended the executives and members of the Ghana National Council from the pioneers who organised it during the early years to the current leadership for keeping Ghana alive in America.

“I have witnessed your efforts to keep Ghanaian values and culture alive in the Chicago Metropolitan area, and I say “Ayekoo” to all of you for making us proud and keeping Ghana alive in America,” Dr Nduom expressed.


Story: Ato KEELSON

Writer’s email: denniskeelson@yahoo.co.uk

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