Let’s change our poor maintenance culture!

YESTERDAY Daily Graphic reported on its front page about the deteriorating condition of the country’s first presidential mausoleum, the Asomdwee Park, which is also the burial ground of the late President John Evans Fiifi Atta Mills.

ACCORDING to the Graphic story, security at the park had been breached, with the state of the President’s tomb very appalling.  The story goes on to indicate that the park has become a ground for animals like cattle, which invade there to munch on the grass.

THE Graphic front-page story brings into sharp focus, once again, the issue of our maintenance culture.

WE have still not changed our poor attitude towards state facilities.

THE refrain that State facilities belong to the government and that they are the responsibility of the government is firmly ingrained in us.

THAT has been the underlying reason why many of us citizens do not see it as necessary to protect state assets.

A tour at many of the government institutions would reveal the sordid state many a public servants in this country have turned them into.

IT is sad that after contributing to putting state facilities in disarray, we the citizenry turn back and chide government for not giving them face-lifts.

IN the view of Today, we as citizens are equally blamable for the poor state of many of our government institutions.

IT is imperative that we all understand that we owe it a duty to ensure that we protect and ensure that such state facilities are always in good condition.

IN fact, the presidential mausoleum could serve as a tourist centre, which could rake in revenue towards its maintenance.

THIS is something government should seriously be considering, to ensure that our public places of interests, which are tourist centres, are properly maintained.

ON that score Today wants to use this medium to call on the central government to take immediate steps towards repairing the damage caused at the Asomdwee Park.

THE facility is a national asset and must therefore not be left to rot!


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