Land-guards on rampage at Ashaiman-Gbetsile

Some developers were subjected to severe beatings by weapon wielding land- guards at Gbetsile Obeyeyie in the Kpone Katamanso District of the Greater Accra Region, Today investigations have revealed.

Today gathered that the workers who had gone to their sites to work were severely beaten to a pulp by the land guards and later chased them out of their site.

The land-guards, numbering about 20, the paper was reliably told, destroyed working materials including cement bags and building blocks.

They later set ablaze some structures and pulled down some buildings, which were at the lentil level.

They again took away monies and mobile phones belonging to the workers at the various sites.

Narrating the incident to reporters who visited the site, the workers noted that their working tools were sent to the palace of the Chief of Gbetsile, Nii Teye Amankwah Sune.

“Our working tools were sent to the chief’s palace and the land-guards who attacked us are known land-guards who are most often seen around the chief.”

“The land-guards took away our working tools including wheel borrows, head pans, shovels amidst the destruction of some bags of cement. They [the land- guards] further set some structures ablaze and destroyed footings of developers as well as destroyed some building blocks on sites,” they recounted.

Today was also told that some of the victims who were attacked sustained series of wounds on their bodies as a result of the severe beatings they received in the hands of the land-guards.

The victims noted that a report had been lodged at the Emef Police who issued all victims with medical forms.

Several calls and text messages placed to the chief for almost a week to get his response have been futile.

“I shall ask my lawyer to respond to you; I have a meeting and I would invite you over to my palace for a meeting,” the chief excused when called but none yielded any results.

Developers at Gbestsile Obeyeyie for some time now have been facing land- guard attacks each time they visit their sites to develop their lands and this has been a worry to them.



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