Labadi residents call for zebra crossing At Joker’s bus stop


Some residents of Labadi, a suburb of Accra, have shared the difficulties they face when crossing the road at La-Joker’s bus stop.

The absence of a zebra crossing and other road signs have contributed to the negligence of drivers slowing down when they are approaching the Joker’s bus stop.

According to the residents, the negligence of government not placing a pedestrian crossing or any road sign to help pedestrian cross with ease was causing fear and panic in the area.

This, they intimated, was because of the fear that someone might be knocked down by a vehicle due to the over speeding of some drivers.

Speaking to some residents who use the road often, they lamented how the absence of zebra crossing has posed a death trap at the bus stop.

They also said, “even if there’s no zebra crossing, there should be policemen who will help them whenever they want to cross because children also cross the road at the bus stop to and fro school.”

Some students also shared their ordeal on how one of their mates was nearly knocked down by a vehicle while crossing the road.

They added that any time they want to cross the road; they have to wait for an elderly person to help stop the vehicles before they cross.

One of the drivers who plies the road also shared his view on the issue, stating that because that stretch is a highway, it makes it very difficult to stop unexpectedly for people to cross.

Against this backdrop, they pleaded with government to provide a zebra crossing or a road sign to help drivers reduce the level of speed when approaching it.






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