Koforidua Tech Uni Located at Adweso not Koforidua – Chief

Nana Tete  Pinpong  II, chief  of  Adweso near  Koforidua  in  the  Eastern Region  has  stated  that the Koforidua Technical University is  situated in Adweso not Koforidua

There is a misconception that  the technical university is situated in Koforidua hence Koforidua Poly but it is actually situated in Adweso.   Adweso Township  is  not  part  of  Koforidua  and  every  establishment  on  the  land  of  Adweso  belongs  to  Adweso  but  not  Koforidua. The chief explained

“  if  it  was  built  at  Akim  Tafo  in Eastern Region , would  it  still  be  called  Koforidua Poly?” he asked.

In an interview with Goodlife FM reporter  Sobibor  Ofori Amanfo  Sobibor, the chief further revealed that the sport stadium, New Juabeng Senior High School, Koforidua Secondary Technical school were all located in Adweso  but  not  Koforidua.

“Chief  Ampaw  of  Kukurantumi  in the Northeast  of  Kyebi,  the  capital  of  Akyem Abuakwa, granted  the  British  colonial  Government  a  portion  of  his  stool  lands  between  kukurantumi  and Adweso  to  the  Southeast  of  Kyebi,  for  the  rehabilitation  of  the  Dwabeng  refugees. This was the origin of the modern state of New Dwabeng, with its capital  at  Koforidua”.

“You can read the book written in 1977 by L.H. Ofosu- Appiah, entitled Dictionary of African Biography,  pages  198 and 199 “   He emphasized

Nana  Tete  Pimpong  II, revealed  that  while  administratively, they were under  New  Juabeng  Municipality, traditionally they  were not.

He bemoaned the fact that the township was ignored whenever there was an administrative gathering.

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