Kodjo Dee, what to expect

Kodjo Dee is a prolific poet and a writer, as well as a musician, his work is always with deep meaning that challenges the listener to reflect beyond the surface to get an in-depth understanding of what he talks about.

As a musician with poetry background, that is to be expected, however, Kodjo Dee takes it a step further challenging the listener to think about situations that he or she would ordinarily overlook.

With over ten years in the creative art industry, having had influence from both Ghana and UK, Kodjo Dee has set his sight on having a major impact on the Ghanaian music industry and radiating that impact onto a global stage.

Kodjo Dee is driven by passion, and a great foundation that ensures longevity in his career, as a singer/rapper song writer with social commentary largely reflected in his work.

Kodjo Dee seems to never run out of inspiration and on topics to tackle.

He is motivated b.y a need to leave a legacy that will become timeless in his works and he has positioned himself well and surrounded himself with the right team to help accomplish this goal.

In the next few years Kodjo Dee will be very well known in the music industry across Africa and beyond.

Accolades comes as judgement on work done and it shouldn’t surprise any when such recognition is bestowed on Kodjo Dee as already with poetry he has achieved many accolades.

We will let actions and deeds speak the rest on what to expect from Kodjo Dee.



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