KMA taskforce, guards clash

Over unpaid salaries

Today can report that there was near bloodbath at the Subin sub-metro office of the Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly last Tuesday when two KMA task force groups clashed over payment of their accumulated salary.

The two taskforce groups- ‘Black-black’ and the other group, whose members wear ‘Green- green,’ had stormed the sub-metro office to be paid their several months of salary arrears.

However, the paper learnt that what was expected to be an avenue of payment of salary arrears of workers of the two taskforce groups later became a chaotic scene when the two groups started trading in insults.

The reports indicate that those in green uniform were the ones who fired the first salvo when some of them started hurling insults at the Black-black taskforce group.

This, according to the paper’s investigations, started after some of the Black-black taskforce officers had enquired from the KMA Security Coordinator, W.O. Moro whether they would receive their salaries on that day.

Today gathered that the enquiry by the Black-black taskforce group infuriated those in green uniforms which saw the latter pouring out unprintable words on the former

Investigations by the paper unfolded that the Black Black Taskforce were recruited two years ago, but had never been paid since that period, while the second group [green-uniformed taskforce], were recruited five months ago under the National Youth Employment Program (NYEP).

An aggrieved taskforce member of the “Black black” squad recounted “As soon as we asked the W.O. this question, the green, green people started insulting us and even dared us to use force to collect our monies if we think we are strong.”

“If not for anything at all, they are our juniors and should have showed us some respect because we have been in the system for two years now, but they don’t respect us because they have been told we are NPP people.”

One of them also alleged that they were requested to submit their appointment letters to the Mayor’s PRO, Clement Kegeri, before they would be given their salaries, but tendered in the photocopies of their letters since they had a tip-off that they were going to be paid meager amounts and dismissed from the assembly.

According to them, their supposed salaries never arrived because they did not submit their original appointment letters thus confirming “the wicked intensions of the Mayor and his boy.”

They recounted how many people in the Kumasi metropolis had insulted and cursed them because of the dirty work the assembly used them for, making them regret some of their actions towards drivers and pedestrians in the city.

“We sacrificed our lives and worked hard for the Assembly, even in the face of curses and insults, you know how difficult it is to do this work in Kumasi, but we didn’t give up but if this is what they want to do, we have also began thinking twice,” they chorused.

The task force unanimously threatened “we would take our salaries through any means possible.”

They also called on the president, to as a matter of urgency, call the Mayor and his people at the Assembly to order since, “all these can affect his votes in 2012 because we have friends and family members looking up to us to survive.”