KMA introduces shuttle services to ease traffic within Metropolis

Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly (KMA) is set to deploy over sixty buses in the Ashanti Regional capital Kumasi to assist movement of people and goods as well to ease human traffic there.

The exercise which is currently being piloted with three buses is dubbed “Kontembratem” meaning go and return early.

“We want to make movement easier and safer for residents especially traders and students without any delay to their workplaces “, KMA’s Director of Transport, Randy Willson disclosed.

“You can imagine the number of passengers to be transported at ago on a bus”, he added in an exclusive interview with journalists in Kumasi.

“We want to increase productivity in the capital so the fares are going to be cheaper competitively to what others are charging”.

“This is going to be another form by which the KMA and the central government will be creating employment for the people”, the Transport Director pointed out.

Mr. Randy Wilson, however, disputed claims that bringing those buses will collapse other private transport businesses in the metropolis at the time most of the transport unions in the capital appear to be at loggerhead with KMA.

“Nobody has the monopoly over the transport business in Kumasi or Ghana. …so you will be wrong to think or say the government is killing your business”, Mr. Randy Willson, stressed.

Story: James APPIAKORANG JR, Kumasi, A/R

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