Kingmakers cautioned over use of Gbese chieftaincy title 

Kingmakers and elders of Gbese Royal Stool at Ga Mashie in the Greater Accra Region have called on the media to desist from attributing the Gbese chieftaincy title to Nii Ayi Bonte.

According to them, Nii Ayi Bonte has been restrained by the Ga Traditional Council from holding himself as the Gbese Mantse, saying that, this court order has not been overturned.

Addressing a press conference in Accra yesterday, Secretary to the Gbese Royal Stool, Emmanuel Aryee, on behalf of kingmakers, noted that the continuous attribution of the Gbese chieftaincy status to Nii Ayi Bonte “is a complete violation of the law governing the chieftaincy institution in the country.”

Mr. Aryee pointed out that when the Supreme Court declared the Dodowa ruling ‘null and void,’ the National House of Chiefs removed Nii Ayi Bonte’s name from their Register on the strength of the “very same Supreme Court judgment and the ill-fated Mandamus Order which was improperly obtained and which forced the National House of Chiefs to insert Thomas Okaine’s name in the first place.”

He alleged that Nii Ayi Bonte “forcibly became a chief on the strength of the Dodowa judgment at the time when Nii Okaidja III was in office as Gbese Mantse; not having been destooled according to law.”

He asserted that Thomas Okaine appealed against the National House of Chiefs’ ruling for removing his name from the Register without informing him.

“He succeeded and the High Court ordered his name back into the Register for him to be informed first before removing the name. The court however, did not overturn the ruling the Supreme Court gave and so the judgment still stands,” he stated.

He alleged that in a recent suit to remove Thomas Okaine’s name from the Register entitled: Nii OKaidja III, Gbese Mantse vrs. Thomas Okaine some of the fraudulent deals which were used to get his name onto the Register were exposed by counsel for Nii Okaidja III, Ayikoi Otoo,” Mr. Aryee explained.

Counsel for Thomas Okaine on the other hand argued that Nii Okaidja asked for a leave to discontinue the earlier matter before Judge Abada.

He further alleged that Thomas Okaine does not hail from any of the three Royal Houses. He said if Thomas Okaine’s Chieftaincy Declaration Forms were thoroughly researched into he would never have been enstooled as a chief.


Story: Freeman Koryekpor Awlesu

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