Kidnapper exposes cop  


The suspect in the kidnapping of three girls in Takoradi, Western Region, yesterday revealed in court that a police investigator helped him break jail.

Samuel Oudotek Wills told the court he did not know the name of the said officer but he could identify him.

Besides that officer, the suspect said, a certain man whom he gave his name as Kwesi, also helped him with oil which facilitated his cutting of the metal bars used to barricade the windows of the cell.

Wills, however, said he was not aware of the current location of the said Kwesi and pleaded for some time from the court to locate him.

He is currently being tried for escaping from lawful custody. The case has been adjourned to February 18, 2019.


Wills is in the capital, Accra, currently helping the police with investigations into the whereabouts of the three kidnapped girls.


He escaped from custody after he was picked up in connection with the kidnappings. According to the police, Wills has admitted to the kidnappings but was non-cooperative as to their whereabouts.


“He keeps sending us to wrong locations,” the Western regional police commander told journalists.


The families of the girls have, however, expressed their displeasure with the current proceedings.


They said, “the return of the girls is of paramount interest to them; we have no interest in the criminal prosecutions.”


The Gender and Social Protection Minister, Cynthia Morrison, recently visited the families, assuring them that the girls are alive.


“…so if they are alive, where are they,” a relative quizzed.


The sister of Ruth Quayson, one of the kidnapped girls, told journalists that they have given the authorities a week’s ultimatum or there would be a mammoth demonstration in the Western regional capital.


Priscilla Bentum was abducted in August 2018 while Ruth Quayson and Mantebea Koranchie were taken in December the same year.






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