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A staff of Kete Krachi District Assembly in the Oti Region, Mr Samuel Daitey Zebulon Okudjeto, has landed himself in trouble.

This was after his move to tarnish the hard-won reputation of Madam Rebecca Nartey, who is overseeing the business of Maks Resort at Ada Foah in the Ada East District of the Greater Accra Region, were brought to light.

Information available to Weekend Today points to Mr Okudjeto’s plot by allegedly circulating on social media what could be described as lies against Madam Nartey, who is a lawyer by profession.

Weekend Today was reliably informed that Madam Nartey engaged the services of Mr Okudzeto in August 22, 2017 at a time that he was working at Ada East District Assembly to supervise and coordinate the finishing touches of renovation works at Maks Resort, a family hotel facility, located at Solikope in Ada Foah.

Sources close to the artisans working on the facility told Weekend Today that Madam Nartey in the course of the project abrogated the coordination and supervision services agreement with Mr Okudzeto.

That, the sources said, was after Madam Nartey detected a massive financial malfeasance which was adversely affecting the effective execution of the renovation works.

Furthermore, Madam Nartey, the paper gathered, observed the continuous inflation of invoices of building materials and other items needed for the renovation works, in addition to inferior goods and products.

Mr Okudzeto was also accused of disregarding the various instructions of both the manager and the security personnel at Maks Resort in the implementation of the project.

That situation, according to our sources, compelled Madam Nartey to stop Mr Okudzeto from playing his supervisory role on the project.

Weekend Today discovered that, that marked the genesis of the rift between Madam Nartey and Mr Okudzeto, for which reason, the latter in the company of two fetish priests stormed the premises of Maks Resort to destroy some valuable properties including the table of Madam Nartey.

A video in the possession of this paper shows how Mr Okudzeto with the support of those two fetish priests indeed vented their spleen on the hotel’s facilities.

Interestingly, Weekend Today was told that Mr Okudzeto wrote a demand notice to Madam Nartey, demanding from her to refund an amount of GH¢138,691,000 being money for the coordinators and labourers during the construction of the twin-storey building at Maks Resort.

That was not all, the paper gathered that Mr Okudzeto threatened in the same letter dated April 23, 2018 that failure by Madam Nartey to refund the said money will compel him to sue her in any court of competent jurisdiction.

And obviously not satisfied with all that, Mr Okudjeto, Weekend Today learned, resorted to issuing threatening text messages to Madam Nartey.

Among some of the messages were: “Kabukie, whether transfer or not you will surely know that am NPP and you will see whether I will go or not.”

“My next target is to send the pictures of your hotel, warehouses and others including the various petitions to the Office of the Chief of Staff, Ministry of Information, Attorney General and Chief Justice by next week, then you will surely know that am nonsensical…”

Again, Weekend Today found out that it was being circulated on social media that Madam Nartey did not acquire a building permit for Maks Resort.

Weekend Today gathered that social media was again abuzz with lies that Maks Resort was not worthy of an award (Excellence Award) given to it by Ghana Tourism Board GTB) on the reason that the hotel did not have a permit.

In fact, documents in possession of Weekend Today in connection with the implementation of the coordination activities agreement absolve Madam Nartey and the facility of any wrongdoing as it was being peddled out there.

These documents from the office of Marks Resort in addition to various information from the Ada East District Assembly, Lands Commission of Ghana and Ghana Tourism Board have clarified that Maks Resort is indeed operating legally, and that the facility has a building permit.

Probing further, Weekend Today also intercepted various invoices issued by the Vessel of Hope Star which indeed attested to the fact that prices of building materials for the work were inflated.

“How on earth will someone bring business to this deprived area, create employment and help tourism for a homegrown boy to sabotage it?” some aggrieved workers at Maks Resort asked.

To this end, the workers asked Mr Okudjeto to immediately desist from that behaviour and apologise to Madam Nartey for wrongly attacking her.

However, several attempts by this reporter to reach Mr Okudzeto for his reaction proved futile, as none of his lines as of press time yesterday was going through.




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