Kenya cyber-crimes law could land parents to jail

Kenyan parents may have to be a little more careful about what kind of pictures of their children they publish online.

According to a new cyber-crimes act passed last week, anyone found guilty of sharing child pornography via the internet will face a maximum fine of 20 million shillings ($200,000, £150,000) or a maximum jail term of 25 years.

The law applies to parents who share photos of their children’s genitals or their naked bodies on social media, Kenya’s Daily Nation reports.

So posting a photo of a child’s nappy rash or a child during bath time on social media could land you in hot water.

Child pornography is defined in the constitution as any visual depiction involving the use of a minor, or one appearing to be a minor, engaging in sexually explicit conduct.

Enricah Dulo, an advocate specialising in children’s law, says it is about protecting a child’s privacy.

“It may not fall under child pornography, but the children’s act is clear. Depicting the images of a naked child is an obvious violation of their rights, particularly the right to protection against abuse,” Ms Dulo said.


Source: BBC

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