Ken Descends Heavily On Badu Kobi!

Assin Central Member of Parliament (MP), Kennedy Agyapong, has vowed to contract women to beat up the Founder of the Glorious Wave Church International, Prophet Emmanuel Badu Kobi, over his misogynistic comments about Ashanti, Fanti and Ewe women.

Looking very furious on NET 2 TV in Accra yesterday, the businessman said he could not fathom why the so-called man of God would be irresponsible in his utterances about women, yet no one was willing to speak up, especially gender activists in the country.

“Let him know that it is no longer Mahama who is in power. I will contract women to drill you. Women are those who will drill him and his other foolish junior pastors who were responding in agreement with those comments he made,” he threatened.

In the estimation of Mr Agyapong, the women groups he classified as foolish, property-grabbing and doormats were rather hardworking women in the country who ought to be appreciated and not denigrated, wondering where he got that useless motivation from.

“Do not get me angry by trying to stop me. The same useless comments he made are those I will use against him and his stupid subordinate pastors,” he vowed.
According to the Assin Central MP, he was worried that women continue to patronise the church of such a character who he described as an “embodiment of embarrassment to God,” and making a mockery of Christianity as a religion.

“What are Ghanaian women looking for? God has given you all the sense but you are refusing to use it to think and allowing stupid and foolish people like this to insult you for free. I am really angry this morning,” he said.

It would be recalled that a number of women clad in red on Sunday, August 4, stormed the headquarters of the Glorious Wave Church International at Sakumono to protest alleged ethnocentric comments made by the founder Prophet Badu Kobi.

The demonstrators carried placards some of which read” Fantis women are not stupid, Ewe women are not clueless, property owning is a blessing, Asante women are not greedy, submission is not a sin among others are currently at the premises of his church.

Prophet Badu Kobi in a sermon two weeks ago described women within the coastal lands of Ghana as unwise and unmarriageable materials, admonishing prospective husband snot to marry from that tribes compared to others in the parts of country.

“Fanti women are foolish sometimes and Ewes too are doormats. But for Ashanti women no!” the preacher warned in a video that went viral and which was sighted by Today.

According to the controversial preacher, despite women from Ashanti tribes being wise, he will not allow any of his sons or close relations to marry from Ashanti tribes because of their ingratitude to their husbands.

“If you marry Ashanti lady, you have imported problem for yourself forever. I have done research and it is so”, Prophet Emmanuel Badu Kobi told his congregation how he arrived at that conclusion.

According to him, it would be suicidal for any man to marry woman from Ashanti tribes if that man wants peace on Earth forever’.

“Ashantis, their eyes red (greedy), looking for property, looking for things to carry back. Their mother is at the corner, influencing everything. I have done my research…. If my daughter is going to marry, I will tell her, if you want to go and be driven back, go and behave like an Ashanti girl. The Ashanti men are there, I am telling you, Ashanti women don’t respect Ashanti men, especially when you are broke, (they would tell you) You, you, who are you? She will dress you from the top because the mother is always talking with her. I am telling you the truth; I am telling you the truth ooo!”

Several people came for his head, including celebrities like Samini, Appietus, Efia Odo and a host of others. Some Ghanaians even begged the Asantehene, Otumfuor Osei Tutu to summon the pastor to clarify his ethnocentric statement and punish him accordingly.





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