I just need a divorce!—Pastor Love cries out

The ex-husband of gospel musician, Obaapa Christy, formerly called Christiana Love, Pastor Love Hammond, has called for a divorce between him and her ex-wife.

According to Pastor Love, though his ex-wife is currently married, they are still legally a couple on paper until a court of law divorces them completely.

He said he sent Obaapa Christy to abroad to stay with his siblings only to hear she has gotten pregnant with another man.

He continued that when the issue came up, Obaapa Christy denied ever dating the man named Nana Frankie, but rather referred to him as her manager.

Pastor Love revealed Obaapa Christy then called Nana Frankie’s wife as her sister-in-law, yet went ahead to snatch her husband.

According to Pastor Love, Nana Frankie’s estranged wife, who was then in Germany, even came to Ghana and went on Kumasi based Nhyira FM to rain curses on Christy making reference to Psalm 91.




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