Jubilation in Ga Mashie over plans to outdoor Ga Mantse


THERE was wild jubilation in Ga State yesterday following the announcement by heads, kingmakers and elders of Ga Paramount Royal Stool to officially perform the traditional outdooring ceremony of the newly installed Ga Mantse, (Dr.) Tackie Teiku Tsuru II, to succeed the late Nii Boni Amugi II, a substantive Ga Mantse.

 The official coronation of King (Dr.) Tackie Teiku Tsuru II, which is scheduled to take place in August 2017, received huge endorsement by the chiefs, elders and youth of the Ga State.

They expressed their readiness to rally behind the new Ga Mantse to build a strong Ga State.

 According to the kingmakers and elders, the coronation of King Dr. Tackie Teiko Tsuru II would go a long way to end the long standing agitation of the various feuding factions claiming ownership of the Ga Mantse Royal Stool.

The coronation, they stated, would promote peace and unite indigenes of Ga before, during and after the ban on drumming and noise making leading to this year’s annual Homowo festivities.

The announcement comes on the heels of pressure by Abola Mantse, Nii Ahene Nunoo III, and leader of all the warrior guards of Ga State, Captain Kojo Nseni Nii Mankata IV, for the outdooring of King (Dr.) Tackie Teiku Tsuru II.

 At a well-attended press conference in Accra yesterday, amidst chanting of war songs and beating of war drums, heads and elders of Abola State of Ga Mashie supported the move by Dzasetse of the Ga State, (Dr.) Nii Tetteh Kwei II, to outdoor Ga Mantse.

Abola Mantse, Nii Ahene Nunoo III, was worried at the deplorable nature of the Ga State due to the unending chieftaincy disputes.

“As the Chief Councillor (Atofotse) of the Ga State, I am not happy at all about this negative image of the Ga State. It is therefore my onerous duty to help rerverse this process of decline. In fact, it’s my intention to help the Ga Dzaase to cleanse the Ga State of its negative image and replace it with a positive outlook,” the chief said.

According to Nii Ahene Nunoo III, the essence of his call is to ensure that people of Ga descent rally around the new Ga Mantse to celebrate in a grand style of this year’s Homowo festival in peace and unity.

For his part, Warrior Guard of Ga State, Captain Kojo Nseni Nii Mankata IV, could not fathom why the Ga State has not known peace since the death of Boni Nii Amugi almost two decades ago.

He expressed worry that the succession to the Ga Mantse throne has not been smooth and peaceful, adding that the succession has been characterised by mistrust, conflict and confusion.

“We fervently give our wholehearted support to Ga Dzaase Paramount Stool, which in our view, is the only body mandated to nominate and install a Ga Mantse to discharge its obligation without fear or favour,” Captain Kojo Nseni Nii Mankata IV stressed.


By: Freeman Koryekpor Awlesu




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