Jean Mensah To Deploy Health Professionals At All Registration Centres To Prevent Spread Of COVID-19 

The Chairperson of Ghana’s electoral management body, the Electoral Commission (EC) Mrs Jean Mensah has announced it will deploy health professionals to the various registration centres.

According to the Commission the deployment of health professionals in addition to electoral officers was part of efforts being made to eliminate the possible spread of the novel corona-virus (COVID-19).

The Director of Electoral Services -EC, Dr Serebour Quaicoe made this announcement in an interview in Accra.

The EC’s Director of Electoral Services explained that knowing the time in which we are the commission is leaving no stone unturned when it comes to the safety of registrants.

Dr. Quaicoe further explained that each registration point will have one qualified healthcare profession to take the temperature of everyone who comes to the centre to register.

“Aside the healthcare professional taking the temperature at the point of entry, there will also be veronica buckets, soaps, and tissues for proper hand-washing as well as hand sanitizers to disinfect the hand held equipment” he disclosed.

Dr. Quaicoe maintained that another safety protocols which the commission will not lose sight at is the social distancing. “We are going to cordon the registration areas to ensure that only the required number enters the arena at a time.” He added.

On the issue of the two documents ie, Ghanaian Passport and Ghana Card as the only required document for the acquisition of the new voter register, the EC’s Director of Electoral Services explained that two people with a Ghanaian Passport or Ghana Card can guarantee for those who do not have any of the two required documents.

“Even only two people in a community with the required documents can guarantee for the whole community. These is how it works, after guarantee for say two registrants, the two with the new voter card can also guarantee same for about 10 persons. With this procedure everybody will be covered” he said.

Dr. Quaicoe however, cautioned the public not to vouch for persons they do not know in their community or they suspected to be of foreign national.

“If you vouch for persons of non-Ghanaian origin, you can be charged for perjury and when that happens you will be prosecute and send to jail” he stated.


Story: Franklin ASARE-DONKOH  

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