Investors have nothing to fear in Ghana

COURTING foreign investors into a developing country such as Ghana is not an easy task, though it has loads of advantages.

FIRST and foremost, these foreign investors should be convinced beyond reasonable doubt that where they are sending their money is safe.

THAT is to say that the environment is peaceful and stable for meaningful business.

IT is a fact that no investor would want to invest in an unstable climate, which can result in huge losses.

BESIDES the conducive investment climate, it is important to also point out that there should be in place incentives attractive and enticing enough for investors.

THESE are usually in the form of tax reliefs, subsidised infrastructure among many others.

IT must be said that having investors in a country comes with loads of benefits.

THESE come in the form of opening up of an economy, creating jobs and more importantly contributing to the payment of taxes to the state for the development of a country.

THANKFULLY, President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo was recently in the United States of America courted investors to come and invest in Ghana.

I urge representatives of Fortune 500 companies to look at Ghana and not to ignore it. Regardless of where the investments are, I am confident that through our policies we can bring greater dignity to the lives of millions of people in Ghana and beyond,” President Akufo-Addo was reported to have said this when he addressed Fortune 500 business executives on the sidelines of the ongoing 73rd United Nations General Assembly.

IT was a good thing that the President wooed investors into the country.  Certainly, investors investing in the country will contribute to the growth of our country.

Weekend Today must also assure prospective investors that Ghana is a peaceful and stable country which destination makes it conducive for any investor to come and do business.


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