Inspirations from this year’s Val’s Day

Valentine’s Day has just passed and trust me it was a lot of fun although it didn’t show initial signs of being that fantastic.


It could be because people thought it fell on an “Ash Wednesday,” or people were enthused about the football match between Real Madrid and PSG.

Although Val’s Day usually requires that one dresses in a certain colour which is “RED,” this year’s celebrations saw most people dress in semi-casual and casual outfits, all black dresses, all reds for some people, a mixture of red and white for others and formal for those of us who did all the celebration at work.

Mind you, Val’s Day is all about showing love and feeling happy.

And to ensure that you still keep on swimming in LOVE for the rest of February, we have put together amazing styles, which inspired this year’s Val’s Day.

Look through and be sure to try them this Sunday, in case you missed out on the actual 14 February Val’s Day celebrations.


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