Indeed we’re not in normal times

 A lot of my friends in the health sector are making some points that is very tangible about the lifting of ban on the partial lock down in some parts of the Greater Accra and Greater Kumasi, I understand your point very well since everyone is scared to get into contact with the virus.But my brothers and sisters do you know we can’t only base on health aspect of the situation at hand to take decision? There are other aspects of life we should also take a look at.
  For example the social aspect, people felt they were denied of their natural freedom (freedom of movement) and some fundamental human rights and so you know what, this can cause a revolution where people will hit street to fight for their rights and freedom and in case this happens the respect to social distance protocol will be taken for granted which may lead to future multiple spread of the virus, when this happens then what will be the importance of the 3 weeks lockdown Ghanaian tried as much as they can to pass through stress to adhere to?
Also economically, majority of the people in Ghana who engage in economic activities to enable the country to be strong as it is is working in the informal sector, and in this lock down majority of the people who were seriously affected were these people who work on daily basis in order to be able to feed themselves and their families, so if they are also lockdown for a long period of time they are going to get hungry which will make them angry to forcefully move out of their numbers to protest against authority and in this protest, again the social distancing protocol is not going to be adhered to.
In conclusions, the government and other benevolent individual have helped explain to Ghanaian what to do and what not to do to enable us fight the virus, all we need to do is to adhere to the various protocols listed by the President so that we would be safe.
•avoid handshakes
•we should wear a mask when going out
•frequent hand washing
•coughing and sneezing into tissue paper and disposing them immediately
We should just stay safe and we are going to be fine.
Author: Prince Asamoah Gyan

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