Are we indeed serious about fighting corruption?

THAT a public servant says that the current government must fight corruption within its circles before dealing with corrupt opposition figures is enough grounds to warrant a suspension is indeed worrying.


GRANTED the Eastern Regional Director of the Economic and Organised Crime Office, Fred Dzeny, said the above, what crime has he committed?  We are always quick to pass judgement on alleged corrupt figures.


FURTHERMORE, we all agree that corruption is a big blight on the development progress of this country.  It is stifling our efforts to develop and growth, which ultimately would translate into improving the standard of living of the citizenry.


IT is mainly because of corruption that many communities in this country lack basic infrastructure facilities.  These are potable water, quality schools, health centres, good roads etc.


THE consequence of the lack of these basic socio-economic facilities is the many demonstrations that we tend to have in this country.


OF course, Today will not fault these protestors when they organise peaceful protests to demand from the central government their fair share of the national cake.


ITS even preposterous that EOCO would go to the extent of suspending one of their directors all in the name of satisfying a party in government—the New Patriotic Party (NPP).


AND we are happy that some civil society organisations (CSOs) have waded into the matter, berating EOCO for suspending Mr Dzeny, for his simple comments on corruption.


IN case they have forgotten, Today must remind the Akufo-Addo administration that one of the critical factors that decided the 2016 poll was corruption.  In fact, the inability of the Mahama administration to ensure that alleged corrupt officials within his government were prosecuted contributed to his failure to his re-election bid.


WE hope the Akufo-Addo administration will take a cue from that.  In fact, in the view of Today there is no point in making a distinction in the fight against corruption.  We believe the war against corruption must be fought on all fronts!


MEANWHILE, it is refreshing that President Akufo-Addo has directed that Mr Dzeny be reinstated.  If for nothing, it demonstrates that we have a President who is tolerant to divergent views.


AND as a nation, we can only be serious with rooting out corruption from our society when we do not colour it politically!


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