I’m a game changer —Lady Prempeh

Gospel artiste, Lady Prempeh, born Esther Abena Nyarkoa, is convinced she is a pacesetter in the gospel music industry.

 For that reason, she has decided to introduce a style of releasing songs which she thinks others may soon copy.

After a long period of absence, she released a single titled: ‘Aseda’ on November 25, 2018.

Instead of releasing all the songs on the album, Lady Prempeh says she will be ‘dropping’ the songs on the album one after the other every other month.

This new move, she thinks, others may soon copy, explaining that when she collaborated with Asem, Pamela and Richie, she was criticised for doing so, but others copied that move.

To Lady Prempeh, people may consider her to be weird, especially when as a gospel artiste she decides to collaborate with circular musicians such as Asem, Pamela, Richie and Praye.

In a radio interview on Accra-based Hitz FM on Friday, Lady Prempeh explained: “I have always been a game changer, I did ‘odo yi wohe’ people didn’t understand it at that time, they felt it was weird but now, most gospel musicians are doing the same thing, so I think when I do it they will all follow.”

The gospel artiste also stressed that her church has no problem with her because the church understands she was winning souls to Christ.

“…it was our main target, so I should rather be applauded than to be bashed.”

The award-winning singer also disclosed how her gospel colleagues have criticized her for featuring a circular musician, Asem in a song.

“…even some of my colleagues were criticizing me because I did a song with Asem…but for now, the game has changed and they are following the trend I set.”

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