I’ll Not Resign —CID Boss


Director-General of the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) of the Ghana Police Service, has asserted that she was not ready to resign as being demanded by a cross-section of Ghanaians. 


According to Maame Tiwaa Addo-Danquah, if it was time for her to leave, saying, “I will leave because somebody was there [before] and I am here [today].”


She said her current “position is not one that I applied for,” stressing one climbs the ranks by working hard and earning it.


According to her, but for the position of Head of Legal and Prosecution that she cannot command because she is not a lawyer, “there are other schedules that I can go as the Commissioner of Police.”


“I don’t need to resign…resigning is like resigning from the Ghana Police Service…the position is not something that I have to resign and say I am no longer a Director-General of the CID.


“It is like a posting or transfer, so I have to be transferred. When the time comes for me to be transferred, I will be transferred…maybe I will be taken to a different position,” she said.


The under-fire CID boss said when everyone “is calling for your resignation, the question you have to ask yourself is if leaving will solve the problem?”


Her reply to her critics demanding her resignation follows her handling of the case involving the three missing Takoradi girls.


She indicated that her resignation would not automatically resolve the issue and bring back the girls.


She made these observations last Wednesday at a programme organised by Commonwealth Africa in Accra.


The police chief said her focus was working to “bring whatever situation that we have at a very conclusive stage not to waste your time thinking you want to resign or not.”


The girls, Ruth Quayson, Priscilla Blessing Bentum and Priscilla Koranchie are believed to have been kidnapped between August 2018 and January 2019.


On August 2, 2019 the police confirmed they retrieved human remains from a septic tank on a property previously occupied by the key suspect in the kidnapping of the three missing girls, Samuel Udoetuk-Wills.


The skulls were retrieved at Kasaworodo, a suburb of Takoradi, following a search in the premises by the police with the aid of sniffer dogs.


The police through their investigations got the information that the girls were dead and were buried in the septic tank behind the accused person’s house, a source said.


Following the discovery, there have been calls for the head of the CID boss after she told reporters “We know where the girls are,” at a news conference in Accra.


While confident of wrapping up the saga, she urged patience and assured the public “they are safe…very soon they will be brought back home.”


Then, families of the missing girls questioned why the police failed to disclose the information to them before going public.


Weeks later, under-pressure Maame Tiwaa Addo-Danquah beat a retreat, saying she was misunderstood when she announced the three missing girls had been located.


She told Accra-based Atinka TV that she ‘wanted to give the families hope’ by that announcement.


She said her comments were misinterpreted. ‘Maybe people did not understand me well,’ she said in Twi, a local dialect.


Meanwhile, a security analyst, Emmanuel Kutin, has described as unfair, calls for the CID boss to resign over her comments on the Takoradi missing girls.


Backing her, Mr Kutin said Ghanaians must know that the CID boss made her comments out of intelligence that she received from other security agencies.


“The BNI Boss was in Nigeria at the tax payers’ expense and brought information that he knows the whereabouts of the girls. When that information turned out to be false, he was fired. Tiwa was working in collaboration with the BNI if you listen to the voice.


“We can call for a transfer from her position to another and not resignation. We should be asking ourselves if her resignation will bring the girls back. She is the first CID boss we’ve had and we’re asking that she resigns? I think it’s so unfair,” he said on Starr FM in Accra yesterday which was monitored by Weekend Today.


Story: Franklin ASARE-DONKOH 

Writer’s email: franklin.asare-donkor@todaygh.com

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